Take a vibrant twist of Glenn Hughes-style singing, fragments of Paul Kossoff’s guitar, Thunder’s pulsating rapture and Whitesnake’s spiritual expression — give this a whiz-up in the modern recording process — whaddya get? You get LOUDER STILL.

If the invocation of British hard rock pioneers impresses you, that’s okay. Because these guys are destined to continue their legacy: “We are pure leather and horsepower…” says drummer, Craig Carlaw. “We’re sheer fuel-injected excitement.”

“We are a power-plant of muscle and potential…” adds spirited vocalist Tom Rampton. “We’re like a Seventies Jag on our way to Shepherd’s Bush Empire — pushing beyond the others to take our rightful position — under the spotlight, centre-stage — eager to tear apart the ear-drums of an audience. ”

“Of course, in the days of Free and Deep Purple, we would have been considered Metal — ” says virtuoso guitarist and main songwriter for the group, George Twydell.

“We take our legacy seriously, of course. But we arrived here by natural selection, so we don’t feel guilty when we add giant slabs of sound to the original blues formula… actually we’ve increased the speed & strength too. Although we can be blatantly seductive as well. We’re pleased to admit we have a melodic side.”

LOUDER STILL didn’t get here without experiencing blood and danger along the way. The lads completed an ambitious “rock apprenticeship” under an earlier iteration and graduated with flying colours. They have a wealth of live and studio experience. And they have worked with the distinguished producer John Mitchell and recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios. Last year the outfit performed at Rocklahoma in Oklahoma, along with Scorpions and Megadeth and they have opened for Lita Ford and the L.A. Guns.

The sound of LOUDER STILL is a distillation of the very best of British rock. Yet it’s their cool new music that’s their most exciting feature. The first single from the band’s upcoming album, “Speed Machine” is a high-speed frenzy with resolute riffs and exceptional vocals. It has the kind of galloping, pummeling beat that gives the listener unexpected motorgasms.

To be hit full-face by the power bulge that is LOUDER STILL is like being struck by a fireball of pure energy.
This band is 100% volume, 100% excitation and 100% pedigree.

Fast facts

  • LOUDER STILL are a four-piece classic rock band based in Berkshire and Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Their main influences are Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin.
  • The two founding members are guitarist George and drummer Craig, who were later joined by Ivesy on bass guitar and Tom on on lead vocals.
  • Singer Tom Rampton is a degree educated classically-trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who supports the Seattle Seahawks.
  • ACM degree-level educated guitarist George Twydell is a personal fitness enthusiast, a martial artist and a fan of classical music.
  • Bass guitarist George ‘Ivesy’ Ives practices yoga, holds a degree in music production and loves to travel.
  • Drummer Craig Carlaw is a skilled electrician who has played drums since childhood. He also plays guitar and sings.
  • File next to: Iron Maiden, Airborne, Inglorious
“Fast rising UK rock band who have brought a new shine to an old form – old school rock”
(Louder than war)
Having already notched up live performances at Rocklahoma, as well as supporting Lita Ford and L.A. Guns, this band is doing it old school by creating excitement before the full album release in Early 2018.If bands like Louder Still are the future of British rock…. then USA watch out!!  I think we have another NWOBHM coming our way. Decibel Geek readers and listeners, keep an eye out for more singles by Louder Still.  These guys rock! 
(Decibelgeek )
“supremely entertaining set of pulsating, energetic and good old fashioned rock and roll. More than once I found myself drawing fondly nostalgic comparisons with Rainbow and echoes of Deep Purple. They bring an undoubtedly fresh and exuberant development to the classic hard rock sound”
(Rob Fisher – Progressive Aspect)