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*** Announcement ***

So we have been a little quiet here lately, all for good reason though - Our singer Tom is no longer with Louder Still, We have had some great times together and created some incredible music - We wish him all the best for the future and his musical career. 

STAY TUNED... We have been working hard behind the scenes and we have so many exciting things happening, including the announcement of our new singer.... Who we just know you will love! 

In the meantime we will be keeping you all informed with photos and regular updates.. until the big reveal !!

Thanks so much to you all for your continued support.

Louder Still x


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Bring that new singer and the band to Austin Texas!!!

A hard act to follow - he'll be missed.

All the best for Tom in his next endeavors, and looking forward to seeing what you guys have coming

That’s sad news about Tom. But hopefully his next musical venture rocks as hard as it did with his time with FWM/LS. I’m looking forward to hearing a new singer and how that will influence the LS sound. Consider my ears pealed 🤘🤘

Good luck Tom and Louder Still - looking forward to hearing more from both parties.

Will miss you keep on touch about any new adventures x

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Some great pics from us playing at Hard Rock Hell XI from Saturday. Thanks to SEAN LARKIN Photography!
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